The Compiler

The compiler takes the tokens produced by the lexical analyzer and compiles the code. The compiler has:
  • A lexical analyzer to separate the input in tokens
  • A token called lookahead to store the current token while compiling

Compiler operation

The compiler:
  1. Receives text with the code to be compiled
  2. Uses the lexical analyzer to separate the code in tokens
  3. Produces a vector of instructions: vector<Cpl::Compiler::Instruction> to store the compiled code
  4. Handles compiling errors and variable names


The figure below illustrates how the Wintempla compiler works. First, the lexical analyzer creates a list of tokens. Second, the compiler uses the list of tokens to create a list of instructions. Third, the virtual-machine takes the list of instructions, and stores the values in its memory.


Problem 1
Create a Wintempla dialog application called MyCompiler to test the compiler. Using Wintempla add two textboxes (tbxInput and tbxOutput) with the multi-line property, vertical scrollbars and horizontal scrollbar. Set the event of "Change" in the tbxInput textbox. Set also the "Want return" property in the tbxInput textbox.




void MyCompiler::tbxInput_Change(Win::Event& e)
     wstring output;
     Cpl::Compiler compiler;
     vector<Cpl::Compiler::Instruction> machineCode;
     //_______________________________________________ Compile
     if (compiler.Compile(tbxInput.Text.c_str(), machineCode) == true)
          compiler.ListCode(machineCode, output);     
          const int count = machineCode.size();
          int line;
          for(int i = 0; i<count; i++)
               if (machineCode[i].type == VM_ERROR)
                    line = machineCode[i].line_number;
                    output += (wchar_t*)machineCode[i].name;
     //______________________________________________ Display
     tbxOutput.Text = output;


When there are compilation errors, the Compile method of the class Cpl::Compiler returns false. You may inspect the vector of instructions looking for a instruction of type VM_ERROR as shown in the previous example.

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