Software Project Planning

A clear and precise project plan is the most important part of any project. The plan helps to identify the resources that the project will require. The most important resources are money and time.

Requirement Meeting (Step 1)

The first step to start a software project is to have a meeting to discuss the details of the program. Most information systems have the intention to replace some system that is already in operation. In some cases, this system may be based on email, Microsoft Excel files, forms or other type of document. So, before organizing the meeting the client must work on a brief presentation describing their current system. It is a good idea to invite to the meeting the people who are directly involved in the operation of the current system.

System Proposal (Step 2)

Usually, a week or two after the requirement meeting, it is a good idea to have another meeting. In this meeting the company offering the service will present a draft of the information system. This draft may be presented by creating the GUI of the system but without any programming. Instead, the screenshots of the GUI must be accompanied of a brief document explaining how the GUI elements behave.

Feedback (Step 3)

After a couple of weeks after the system proposal meeting, another meeting to provide feedback from the client should be organized. Before this meeting is concluded, both parts should agree on drafting a legal contract to decide the dates, cost and other details. The contract should indicate if the code or just the program is being negotiated. The contract must indicate in detail the number of GUI and when they will be completed.

The Contract (Step 4)

Before signing the contract, an informal meeting can be organized to review the details of the contract. The client should provide its final comments about the proposal. After the contract has been signed, no more changes to the proposal can be made. Any suggestions by the client must be incorporated to a next version list.

Testing (Step 5)

Once the software has been tested by the quality assurance team (QA), it can be delivered to the client for testing. Usually, the client should have two weeks to test the software. The client cannot use the software for production. After these two weeks of testing, the client must present a document explaining the problems found. The client cannot request the incorporation of new functionability that was not agreed in the contract.

Release (Step 6)

A couple of weeks can be used to correct any bugs in the software before the release of it. Once the software has been released, the contract may allow a period of two months to correct any further bugs in the software. Once the software has been released, the client cannot ask for any improvements that were not indicated in the original contract. Two months after the release of the software, the client has to pay for additional changes or errors in the software.

Basic Hardware and Software requirements of an Information System


  1. Operating System: A personal computer with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tabs > On Performance, click on the Settings button > Advanced Options Tab> Select the radio button with the option Background Services (see Figure below). You may also install Linux.
  2. Web Server: use Apache with PHP
  3. SQL Server: use MySQL or Microsoft SQL Express

For Bussiness

  1. Operating System: A dedicated Server with Microsoft Windows Server. You may also install Linux.
  2. Web Server: use Apache or Microsoft IIS
  3. SQL Server: use Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL


  1. Sistema Operativo:: Una computadora personal con Windows 7, Windows 8 o Windows 10 (Panel de Control > Configuración Avanzada del Sistema > Pestaña de Opciones Avanzadas > Rendimiento > Hacer clic en el botón de Configuración > Pestaña de Opciones Avanzadas > Ajustar para ajustar el rendimiento seleccione la opciones de Servicios en Segundo Plano (Ver Figura de Abajo). Usted también puede instalar Linux.
  2. Servidor Web: use Apache con PHP
  3. Servidor de Bases de Datos SQL: use MySQL o Microsoft SQL Express

Para Negocios

  1. Sistema Operativo: : Un servidor Microsoft Windows Server. Usted tambien puede instalar Linux.
  2. Servidor Web: use Apache o Microsoft IIS
  3. Servidor de Bases de Datos SQL: use Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle o MySQL


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