Compiler and Lexical Analysis (namespace Cpl)

VirtualMachine: It executes the machine code produced by the compiler
DWORD ThreadFunc(Mt::BoolTs& cancel, Mt::DecimalTs& progress, Mt::BoolTs& resetTime)
void ClearMemory()
void GetMemoryInfo(HWND hWnd, int gui_type, int datatype, bool showMatrixVectorSize)
void SafeGetMemoryIntInfo(HWND hWnd, int gui_type)
void SetPostMessage(HWND hWnd, UINT wm_message, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
It sets the information to call ::PostMessage when the ThreadFunc completes If hWnd is set to NULL, ::PostMessage will not be called wm_message can be: WM_APP+1, WM_APP+2, WM_APP+3, ...
void Setup(map<wstring, Cpl::Compiler::VariableInfo >& ids, vector<Cpl::Compiler::Instruction >& machineCode, const wchar_t* path)
wchar_t* GetErrorDescr()
wstring GetVariableName(int datatype, int index)
~ VirtualMachine(void)
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